New Review of the Hour of Parade

Awesome Indies Books has approved Hour for their site and written a nice review entitled “Beautiful Prose.”

“We meet soldiers on opposite sides of a battle with an elegant grace that only that time period (and someone who researched it thoroughly) could provide to a novel…it harkens back to those classic novels, like Tolstoy, who present the reader with a story that has depth, and approaches description at a much higher level than many novels of the modern day.”

My gratitude to them.

Here’s a link. Awesome Indies


Extracts just did a nice interview with me subsequent to their posting an excerpt from The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes.

Here’s a link: Extracts

I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my writing. Thank you.

And thanks to Dena for new photo.

An Accounting

I realized the other day I hadn’t posted anything on this site for a while. The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes is indeed now available from Bartleby Snopes.

There are some short stories “in the hopper” but they need re-vision. I’ve been working hard on a second novel. It’s something I’ve been working on several years, and I’m determined to finish it.

I feel like I write very slowly, that the process is slow. I do a lot of re-vision, and I discover things about the characters as I go.

I’m learning a lot about the characters in the new novel. They’re a randy bunch, and their stories need care. But I’m at the point where I feel they’ve taken on a life of their own, and that’s exciting.