My Summer

My wife very kindly mentioned that I hadn’t posted anything here all summer. I really appreciate everyone who looks at my sites and hope it’s interesting. (There seems to be a large contingent from Brazil—hello to everyone there).

I have spent the writing part of the summer working on a new novel that I hope to get to an editor soon. (The non-writing part has been spent in pulling weeds from the driveway and enjoying the beautiful weather here in New Hampshire). I marvel at writers who can write quickly, who describe being able to think about what they want to say and then transfer it to prose. I need to go over and over what I’ve written, changing things till I’m more satisfied. The latest work on the novel has involved reading it through several times and editing. Of course, an edited passage often means other sections of the story must be changed for continuity.

I’m also waiting to hear about the publishing fate of two short stories. And I’ve been doing some great reading: Thomas Hardy, Mavis Gallant, James Salter, the poems and essays of Eugenio Montale. Marvelous stuff and very inspiring.

Best to all.

New Review of the Hour of Parade

Awesome Indies Books has approved Hour for their site and written a nice review entitled “Beautiful Prose.”

“We meet soldiers on opposite sides of a battle with an elegant grace that only that time period (and someone who researched it thoroughly) could provide to a novel…it harkens back to those classic novels, like Tolstoy, who present the reader with a story that has depth, and approaches description at a much higher level than many novels of the modern day.”

My gratitude to them.

Here’s a link. Awesome Indies


Extracts just did a nice interview with me subsequent to their posting an excerpt from The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes.

Here’s a link: Extracts

I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my writing. Thank you.

And thanks to Dena for new photo.

An Accounting

I realized the other day I hadn’t posted anything on this site for a while. The Puppet’s Tattered Clothes is indeed now available from Bartleby Snopes.

There are some short stories “in the hopper” but they need re-vision. I’ve been working hard on a second novel. It’s something I’ve been working on several years, and I’m determined to finish it.

I feel like I write very slowly, that the process is slow. I do a lot of re-vision, and I discover things about the characters as I go.

I’m learning a lot about the characters in the new novel. They’re a randy bunch, and their stories need care. But I’m at the point where I feel they’ve taken on a life of their own, and that’s exciting.